Elm Tree Inn - Licenced Bar

Elm Tree Inn, 44-46 Calder Road, Bellsquarry, Livingston. Tel: 01506 465398

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Elmtree at night

The Elm Tree Inn is situated in the village square in Bellsquarry, one of the original villages that are now part of Livingston. The village is named after the owner of a local limestone quarry, Mr Bell and was situated on the old Edinburgh to Kilmarnock road. The pub, which is named after the elm tree that grows in the village square, was a welcome stop for travellers from the 19th century onwards.

Inside Elmtree Inn

Today the Elm Tree Inn still offers refreshments ranging from filled rolls to pasta, pizzas and roast dinners, details of which can be found on our Menu page.

There are also various entertainments, which are detailed on our What's On page. The bar itself offers a cosy, intimate environment and children are welcome.

Upstairs from the bar is La Campana Ristorante, whose chefs also provide the food for the pub.

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